Full Size Printed Plan BLUE FLAME Semi Scale 1:32 Length 13” Engine Jetex 150 orConvert to rocket or small ducted fan


Full Size Printed Plan            

Not a Kit or Material


Full size plans on a sheet 17" x 11" 24lb bond

Five page article with building instructions for jetex only

Semi Scale 1:32

Length 13”

Engine Jetex 150 orConvert to rocket or small ducted fan

by James Andrews

Succeed he did, though. The world's absolute land speed record is now 622.407 mph, established by the car which we have modeled here. It uses a Jetex "150" rocket engine, and can be run on those quiet Sunday mornings when even the birds have to tiptoe around on the roof.

For straight‑line tether running, use a length of 50‑pound‑test monofilament fishing line stretched tightly 'from a post, parking meter, or some similar structure, about 100 feet long. Drape a large towel over the line about 10 feet from the end to slow down the car, and put an old bed pillow over the line at the post to cushion its final deceleration. Use only one pellet In the motor.

One of the most exciting events in the field of motor racing has got to be an attempt at the land record. Exotic cars are brought to courses, such as the Bonneville Salt Flats 14‑mile straight­away racecourse in Utah, to try to go faster than anything has ever gone on the ground before. The only judge is the stop watch. The rules are equally simple: just go through the course in each direction within one hour at a speed greater than ever before attained.

Simple? Maybe not so simple after all. It took Gary Gabelich more than 5 days at the Salt Flats in Utah to finally overcome mechanical and technical difficulties and break the record of 600.601 mph which had been held for the preceding 5 years by Craig Breedlove. When he finally succeeded, he had only enough fuel left at the Salt Flats to make three more runs with his natural‑gas and hydrogen peroxide‑fueled 22,000 lb. thrust engine. 

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