Full Size Printed Plan Goodyear profile racer Scale 1:8 Control Line "Miss San Bernardino"


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

"Miss San Bernardino"

Nationals winning Goodyear racer  Robust, straightforward design is easy to fly and really competitive with a 'hot' .15 ci. - 2.5-3.5 cc engine

Full Size Printed plan on a sheet 35" x 28" 20lb bond

( Fuel cutoff valve plan on Plans)

Four page article with building notes

Control Line

Scale 1:8 1 1/2" =1ft 

26 " Wingspan

Engines .15-. 21

by Dave Rudd

A BRIEF HISTORY of the full-size aircraft: first built in 1949 by Jim Kistler and known as the Kistler Skeeter, in the late '50s known as La Jollita, changed hands in '62 to be flown by Art Scholl and renamed Miss San Bernardino, Although not the fastest with a top speed around 196 mph, it had good placings in various air races, and has always been a good 'novicer' which is the main reason why the design was chosen for a C/L Goodyear Racer. Said it was a 'brief history', didn't I!

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