Full Size Printed Plan Goodyear Profile Racer Scale 1:8 Control Line "Ol' Blue" Nationals winning


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

"Ol' Blue"

Graham Howard's Nationals winning Goodyear team racer

a very competitive yet simple to build control liner for 2.5-3.5cc engines

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 30" x24"

Three page article with build and flying notes

Scale 1:8 (1-1/2”=1’)

Control Line

27 " Wingspan

Engines .15

By Graham Howard

Ol’Blue is a fairly recent Goodyear racer. It first appeared in 1971, and has since established itself as one of the faster racing planes.

At the end of last season, .looking through the Racing Planes Annual I saw this likely looking aircraft as an alternative to the Deerfly, being very similar in size and areas, so guessed it would probably fly just as well. The original model was. built with true scale tail area, but the model shown here has the tail area increased by 25 % (as allowed by the rules), to improve the handling in wind.

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