Full Size Printed Plan Goodyear profile racer Scale 1:8 Control line "P - SHOOTER" top rung of Goodyear event


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


Control Line Goodyear racer is simplicity itself, with performance that can put one right on the

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 34” x 24”

Six page article with building notes

Scale 1 ½” = 1’

27 3/4 " Wingspan

Engines .15


   Designed by Dave Long as a high perfor­mance airplane for a post WWII flying boom that never materialized, P-Shooter came close to fitting the P.R.P.A.'s new 190 Cubic Inch Class. With only very minor tweeking, it fit the rules and was entered in the 1948 Goodyear sponsored race at Cleveland, qual­ifying 7th, marking the main event and then dropping out in the ninth lap.

The airplane and pilot designer builder Dave Long next appeared at the All American Air Maneuvers of 1949 in Miami, Florida, where they finished 4th behind Bonzo, Buster and the Pitts Pellet but ahead of Art Chester in Swee' Pea. This was not bad on the part of plane or pilot, as that was fast company to be in.

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