Full Size Printed Plan Goodyear profile racer Scale 1:8 Control line "PITT SPECIAL"


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


Full size printed plan on a sheet 41” x 30”

Three page article with building notes

Scale 1 ½” = 1’

23 " Wingspan

Engines .15

By Glenn Lee

  Scale racing is one of the most popular control line events flown. If you want a different, smaller, but better flying model, try this one. I went through the usual Shoestring, Argander, and Mirage designs before finding three views of the Pitts. I like it best of all. The small size gives good speed, yet the ample wing area allows you to glide as far as needed

  The Pitts Special Goodyear Racer was designed by the same Curtis Pitts who is now

producing the well known Pitts Special acrobatic biplane. It was flown in the National Air Races back around 1949; photos and three-views are shown in the May, 1950, issue of Air Trails magazine.

It was also called the "Little Monster." I don't know if this name came from its small size or its flying charac­teristics! However, it makes a very nice control line model that flies fast, and handles well.


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