Full Size Printed Plan Profile Goodyear Racer Control line "Rickey Rat " good beginner's or novice's model


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Rickey Rat

Looking for a good, easy but productive way to get into Rat Racing or Control Line Scale, contest or fun?

Full size printed plan on a sheet 33”x 21”

Four page article with building notes

Profile Goodyear Racer

Scale 1 ½”= 1ft

Control line

Wingspan 25”

Engine .15


This article is intended to present a good beginner's or novice's model, in an attempt to recruit more new blood into the second­ most-popular C l L event (Combat being first). The model presented here is some­what of a newcomer to the Goodyear and Scale Race events.

A potential novice is faced immediately with a shortage of available models. There are only a few kits obtainable for this event, and they, in general, leave a lot to be desired. Additionally, there are only a few other models which can be made from plans; thus the beginner must choose from the above limited supply, or research his own model and scale up some three-views. This can easily be disastrous for anyone not totally familiar with the requirements of the event.

The Rickey Rat was selected as a good "first" model because of its relatively high aspect-ratio wing and long fuselage. Both of these add much to the stability and han­dling characteristics so important to the beginner; he will have his hands full with other problems and most certainly does not need any trouble with the flying char­acteristics of the model.


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