Full Size Printed Plan Trainer, Racer or Stunter a control line model for everyone " THE ACE TEAM"


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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Full Size printed plan a 24” x 32” sheets

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Six Page Article Building Notes & Photos

Trainer, Racer or Stunter a control line model for everyone

Wingspan 31”

(1) Trainer with 2.5cc .15 cuin engine

(2) Racer with 3.5cc .21 cuin engine

(3) Stunt. Trainer (extended wing)

by Dave Cowburn,

   The model shown in the plans has been developed from two previous racers and draws heavily on established 'Goodyear' and 'Combat' practice. Four prototype models have been built in the preparation of the plans, a trainer with a PAW 2.49, two racers, one with an STX 21 'Club-20' and the other with a 3.5cc Oliver and finally a stunter using an OS 'Max' 25. All were built `to the plans' and all fly well, despite the wide range of engine types and resulting variation in balance points (Centre of Gravity) — a very tolerant model which, with suitable choice of engine/ version, should appeal to all Control-Line pilots from novice to expert.

   THE ACE TEAM provides the builder with a choice of model that ranges from trainer to club racer or with an extended wing, a stunt trainer.

The original model was designed to meet the specification for club racing as formulated by Humberside MFC (rules on page 253) the object being to produce attractive, easy flying models which can give close, exciting racing under normal club conditions on a grass site and be equally suitable for use at flying displays. (It is felt that models which are used regularly on the club field are going to be much better for display use than 'Specials' which are only brought out once or twice a year and with which the pilot is, therefore, unfamiliar!)

The resulting models have proved to be very successful and versatile, as, with minor alterations they can be built as trainers or sports-stunt models as well as the original racers. Details are included on the plan for all three versions: 

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