Full Size Printed Plan vintage 1961 control Line 1:8 Scale Profile Goodyear racer "Denight Spl."


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Denight Spl.

Full size printed plan on a sheet 29" x 22"

Two page article with building notes

Goodyear Profile Class

28 ¼ " Wingspan

Engines .15

By Cal Smith

   The model design follows the require­ments for the profile midget racers set forth in July A.M. and will make a colourful addition to your yo-yo race starting line.

Construction follows the same pattern used on Bonzo and Little Toni. To re­view briefly: Wing can be built either of two ways. It can be solid 1/2 " plank, planed to taper and airfoil section, or built-up with ½ " leading edge, 1/16" sheet skins top and bottom over 1/8” sheet ribs. Dihedral is optional, so if built flat by either method, no dihedral joiners are necessary. If dihedral is used, wing is built in two halves and joined with a 14" plywood joiner......


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