Full Size Printed Plan vintage 1968 Goodyear Profile Class Control Line SPL ‘FALCON’


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


AMA's new control-line, semi-scale event is getting quite popu­lar. Tips and hints, plus, last year's winner, the SPL 'FALCON.'

Full Size printed plans on a sheet 30" x 22" 20lb bond

Four page article with building notes

Goodyear Profile Class

Control Line

24 " Wingspan

Engines .15


      The S.P.L. Falcon is a 90-mph plane, stable and easy-to-race in the hottest competition. The wings of these models are made of solid balsa but those who prefer lighter craft could use a built-up structure. Different color schemes are encouraged.

   THIS article is a reintroduction of Good­year-type racing   control line scale rac­ing, It is intended to bring you up to date on the newest AMA event, The growth of CL Goodyear parallels that of full scale Goodyear racing,

Full-scale GY racing started because of the loss of interest in high-powered, high­ speed aircraft which had infiltrated air racing. After WWII, the jets were flown

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