Full Size Printed Plan Vintage 1972 Goodyear profile class Control line 'Li’l Gem' proven contest performance


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

'Li’l Gem'

Goodyear class team racers with a proven contest performance

Full size printed plan on a sheet 36" x 12"

Two page article with building notes

Control line

Goodyear profile class

22" Wingspan

Engines .15

Designed by Dave Clarkson ' & John Daly


   Two forms of wing construction arc shown following the designers' personal preferences. Both feature buried Ieadouts and controls to give a 'clean' appearance and also ( allow the unconventional 'catch' mentioned later.

 Originally built by Jim Miller in 1949 as the Miller Special, it was subsequently rebuilt to its present form after a major crash. As the Miller Special (and later known as Little Gem and Ole Tiger as renamed by different owners) it has proved to be one of the fastest Goodycar midgets ever built. As ale Tiger it has appeared with a slightly higher. fin and for this reason the Little Gem plan has been selected. The basic three-view used is also from the Racing Planes Annual. increased over-scale to bring it in line with the current S.M.A.E. rules


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