Full Size Printed Plan Vintage 1973 1/8 Scale Profile Goodyear Racer "Cassutt" Wild, fast action


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

The “Plum Crazy” Cassutt

Control line Wild, fast action is what to expect with this tapered wing Cassutt profile. A K&B .15 powered Goodyear Team machine 

Full size printed plan on a sheet 30" x 22" 20lb bond

Three page article with building instructions

Control line

Wingspan 26”

Engine .15

by Matt Smith 

The full size tapered wing Cassutt Jim Wilson’s Plum Crazy, originated when it was noticed that by and large the Goodyear planes with long wings and a fairly high aspect ratio won more races.

The new aircraft was designed around a standard Cassutt fuselage and a tapered wing with a span of 171/2 feet. The new wing was adopted over the old 15 foot straight wing. The new wing employed strip ailerons and was sheeted with a one piece plywood wingskin, making a very smooth wing with no seams or panel markings.

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