Full Size Printed Plan vintage 1973 Scale 1:8 Profile Goodyear Racer "ARGANDER SPECIAL"


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


Easy to build and fly. Fit a hot .15. engine and away you go!

Full Size Printed Plan on a sheet 30" x 30" 20 lb bond

Three page article with build notes

Control Line

Goodyear Racer

Scale 1:8

27 " Wingspan

Engines .15

David Giles contest proven Goodyear Racer

  Various models of this machine have been built by the designer and others, all proving to fly extremely sweetly, having the 'feel' of an F.A.I. class team racer, an essential feature of a good 'Goodyear'  especially as it always seems to be windy at British rallies! 

  THE ORIGINS of the No. 39 Mike Argander Special (full size that is!) date back to 1947 when an aeroplane oddly named Pffft was built as a low wing monoplane for the Goodyear Formula 1 class. Later it was extensively rebuilt by Mike Argander, renamed the Argander Special and was voted the 'racer showing most promise' at the 1949 National Air Races, being noted for its exceptional finish and clean aerodynamic form. During its career it has been variously named The Sorensen Special, Sorensen Deerfly, Keith Sorenson's Mike Argander Special, and latterly just Deerfiy.

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