Full Size PLANS Control line or Radio Control Scale 1.5"= 1.0'' Gloster Meteor W/S 56" Two .40 Ducted Fans


Full Size PLANS Not for a KIT or MODEL
Gloster Meteor

Full size printed plans on Three sheets 24” x 69”, 44" x 24" and 36" x 23"

Seven page article with building notes and photos

Control line or Radio Control ( no radio control shown )

Scale 1.5" = 1.0''

Wingspan 56”

Engine Two .40 Ducted Fans


    It is a most inspiring model made up of three cylindrical shapes. Someone could easily make these in fiberglass. Many pleasing color schemes apply to this plane. How nice to see a jet that doesn't fake it with a propeller. The model is a fine CL Scale ship, but also suitable for RC-almost as is. Imagine the sound It must make-a roaring whoosh.

   The Gloster Meteor was a single-seat, twin-engine jet fighter used by the Royal Australian Air Force during the Korean War.  A prototype of the Meteor first flew on 5 March 1943.  The first flight of a production aircraft occurred on 12 January 1944, and the Meteor flew its first combat operations on 27 July 1944.  The Meteor was the only allied jet to be used in combat during the Second World War.  The Mark 8 version of the Meteor, the type used during the Korean War, first flew on 12 October 1948.  It was armed with four 20mm cannon, and its two engines each generated 3,600-lb thrust, giving the Mark 8 a top speed of nearly 600 mph

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