Full Size Printed Plan Control line Scale 1:17 De Havilland F.B. Mark VI' "Mosquito" W/S 38"


Full Size Printed Plan and Article            Not a Kit or Material


De Havilland F.B. Mark VI'  "Mosquito"

Full Scale plans on two sheets 42"x 24" and 32" x 22" 20lb bond

Five page article with building notes

Control line

Scale 1:17

Wingspan 38"



by Paul Palanek

Our scale replica of this dramatic aircraft boasts an electrically retracted main landing gear system. The design of the actuating mechanism is as simple as we could devise, and should not be too difficult for a good modeler with basic metal working knowledge to tackle. Plans and photos I show all necessary data on the gear and we think you will get a lot of satisfaction out of its operation, for the time spent. Those desiring to build a fixed gear may of course do so. It is not a "must", so this choice is left to the builder.

  The "Mosquito" was produced in many versions, modified constantly to meet the demands as were all WWII aircraft. The F.B. VI series went into action as a fighter-bomber in 1943, and bears markings applicable to all operational aircraft of the Allied Expeditionary Air Force, in June 1944. In addition to fixed armament of .303 machine guns, the F.B. VI "Mos­quito" could carry a 2,000 lb. bomb load and two banks of four rockets outboard of the nacelles. Power was two 1,620 h.p. Rolls-Royce Merlin engines, which raised its top speed capability to 378 m.p.h. Range was. 1,120 miles, and armament varied from the four .303 machine' guns to four 20 mm. cannons and eight 60 lb. rockets. Span measured 54' 2", by a length of 41'2".

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