Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1:16 Control Line Martin B-26 Marauder You may wish to convert to Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plan   Not a Kit or Material

Martin B-26 Marauder

Full size printed plans on two 45"x 32" sheets

Six page article with building notes and photos

Scale ¾ inch = 1 foot

Control Line

Twin Engines .29

Wingspan 49 inches

By Leon Shulmans

For all the twin‑fan fans a real treat: the "Flying Torpedo" of World War 11 for .29s

 Remembered as the hottest twin‑engine bomber in the last fracas, the B‑26 Martin Marauder has the unequaled record of the lowest loss rate in actual combat missions.

The scale for the plans was chosen as 3/4" to a foot. The whole plane is simple to assemble and is very sturdy‑being covered with sheet balsa; the fuselage is planked The tricycle landing gear is rugged enough to take the punishment of rough landings that this heavily loaded ship would have to make,

The take‑off and landing as well as taxiing characteristics are similar to the real monster. When in the air the plane really tugs on the lines and is capable of doing mild wingovers and touch‑and‑go landings. With one engine running at near full rpm's, the model handles quite well and will maintain flight although less sensitive to the controls. Windy weather does not affect the plane too much because of its smooth rounded surfaces. The finished model weighs approximately five pounds ready to fly,

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