Full Size Printed Plans Vintage 1950 Scale 1"= 1’ XF-92A Convairs Delta Wing Engine Dyna-Jet or ducted fan


*This is for Full Size Printed Plans*

Not a KIT or MODEL

Vintage 1950

XF-92A Convairs Delta Wing

Thousands have seen this model fly; now you can duplicate it for powering with a Dyna Jet engine or convert to Ducted Fan

Full size printed plan on a sheet 45” x 35”

Four page article with build notes

Scale 1"= 1’

Wingspan 41”

Engine Dyna-Jet  or convert to Ducted fan ( no ducted fan install notes)


The paper dart finally came into its own with the advent of the delta-wing aircraft. Convair's XF-92 was built as a speed research aircraft and was the first completely successful design of this type flown anywhere. The flying equilateral triangle has turned in such fine performance that many designers and engineers believe this shape to be the most promising for future aircraft. From the experimental XF-92, Convair has developed the Sea-Dart, a twin-jet hydro-ski delta fighter, and the up­coming F-I02, supersonic interceptor.,. The latest modification of the XF -92A  features addition of afterburner to the J-33-A".29 turbojet. boosting thrust to over 5200 lbs,

Combining the Dyna-Jet and delta wing shape results in a scale model that is a real, show-stopper. The white paint job is dazzling and the Dyna-Jet boosts the ship along at 95 mph. The model .handles well and flies very smoothly. There has been no trouble with excess heat from the engine and the odd configuration will fly right if balanced properly. The model is scaled at 1"= 1’ making a pretty big job. Length is 41 in. and span is 31 1/4 in. This size is nesessary so that there is ample clearance around the Dyna-Jet in the fuselage. Complete accurate data has not been released on the big XF....92A, so the model does not have all details com­plete, notably on the landing gear. .


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