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"Top C.A.T.”

 CLASS "C" SPEED MODEL — RECORD IN­CLUDES 1962 NATS WIN; Full Size Plans Prints on a Sheet 24" x 32"

Four page article of building notes, photos

Control Line Class C Speed

Wingspan 21 3/8"

Engine McCoy 60


"Top C.A.T." is an evolutionary design dating back to 1958. My first C speed model of this type was built that year and is still used today for test fly­ing. In five years of flying, the original "Top C.A.T." has won 28 trophies. The 1962 model incorporates several minor changes which helped to set an amaz­ing AM A record of 171.20 mph in the Open class. The new version won first places in two of the three contests in which it has been flown. In its very first contest, the 1962 Nationals in Chicago, the design won first place in the senior and open classes. In the one meet where it failed to place, the Mono-line handle broke and the plane was wrecked. After replacing the wing, it captured the open C record the following week. The de­sign has also held the junior record and has been used successfully by speed fliers in all three age classes.

This consistent record of winning performances has been due to the plane's ruggedness and flying stability, even in the worst wind. Although it is sometimes difficult to design an airplane which will practically fly itself and still be responsive to controls in emergency situations, the "Top C.A.T." does both of these well. In order to maintain these characteristics, the placement of the CG and the design of the empennage must be followed closely.

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