Full Size Printed Plan Control Line Jet Speed SIDEWINDER MK IX high performance contest plane


Full Size Printed Plan             Not a Kit or Material


Full size printed plan on a sheet 29" x 22" 20lb bond

Four page article with building notes and information on jet engines

Control Line Jet Speed Plane

Wingspan 22"

Fuselage 24"

Engine Dynajet


 The Sidewinder MK IX is a high performance contest plane, and it is assumed that the prospective builders will have had enough experience now that only general procedures, rather than detailed instructions will be necessary for them.

  A pulse jet engine for model planes has certain peculiarities which can cause the modeler a lot of grief. It develops maximum power when the fuel mixture is correct just as a reciprocating engine does. It will still run, at a power loss. when too rich or too lean. When rich, the slightest bump or jerk will cut the engine. When the mixture is lean, the engine will continue to run when subjected to rough treatment. However, when the plane is airborne and picks up speed, the ram air entering the intake causes further leaning of the mixture and the engine cuts due to fuel starvation.

   The Sidewinder was designed to take advantage of these characteristics. It makes a take-off in a lean condition, and as it picks up speed, centrifugal force feeds more fuel to compensate for the increased fuel requirement.

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