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An eight time national record holder and holder of the present jet speed record of 211.18 mph .

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 36’ x 34”

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Control Line Jet Speed

Wingspan 22 1/2”

Engine JET

By Mike Langlois

THE Super Burp is the latest version in the long line of "Burp" airplanes. The first "Lit' Burp" was designed in 1953 by Bill Pardue and enjoyed a considerable amount of success through the early 1960's. In 1972 Bill and I began to work on jets as a team. The first two years were a learning experience for me as Bill schooled me on every aspect of jet speed. Since that time  we have shared ideas and developed what is the fastest control-line model airplane
in the United States at this time. One of our original goals was to be the first to break the magic 200-mph mark with a jet speed model. This accomplishment was achieved at the 1974 Nats in Lake Charles, Louisiana with a record-breaking flight of 200.59 mph. Since that time the Super
Burp has established many 200-mph-plus records and presently hold both the Senior and Open jet speed records at 204.93 mph and 211.18 mph respectively:

The Super Burp is a well proven airplane with many of its design features being the result of much thought, trial, and analysis. We would encourage anyone who has in mind an addition or modification to any of these design features to try it, however, make sure you understand why something is the way it is before you make a change. Progress is not achieved unless changes are made! Hopefully, the readers of this article who are serious about jet speed will absorb the information presented here and be more competitive in that event, whether by utilizing the airplane presented here, or applying some of the ideas to their own design of jet airplane.

Power Unit: It is impossible to be competitive in jet speed without a well designed and well constructed power unit, the power unit being defined as the jet engine and fuel system. A strong engine will never reach its true potential thrust in the air if the proper amount of fuel is not delivered to it. Conversely, a well designed fuel, system will be of no use if the fuel which it delivers to the jet engine cannot be burned in combustion. The power unit presented within this text has been proven to be both reliable and fast.

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