Full Size Printed Plan 1960 Control Line Speed “ A BURNER ” fast proven design A.M.A. or FAI events


Full Size Printed Plan            

Not a Kit or Material


Full size printed plan on a sheet 24" x18" on 20lb bond

Four page article with building notes

Control Line Speed



WEIGHT 15 – 16 OZ.

by Dale Kirn

Two Seasons of Wins ‑ for this rugged and

"A‑Burner has been a consistent winner in these club meets, and also in regular AMA contests when flown against the AMA "little" class A size speed planes. A big wing to be.

In 1960 "A‑Burner" won 1st place (116.28 mph) in the FAI Semi‑Finals held at Kansas City, Missouri, and also 1st place (117.79 mph) at the FAI Finals in Wichita, Kansas. Since the 1960 Nationals it has been consistently turning 125 ‑ 130 mph using an Italian "Super Tigre .15 (1958 version ‑with the short venturi).

This past August, our "A‑Burners" took "A" speed at Salina, Kansas with 126.89 mph., and clocked 112.65 in FAI "Super Tigre Jubilee and K&B Torp respectively.

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