Full Size Printed Plan Control Line Speed "Gay Lady V" Trails trophy at the 1948 National Engine Mc Coy .60


Full Size Printed Plan            

Not a Kit or Material

Vintage reproduced plan from 1948

Gay Lady V

Winner of the Air Trails trophy at the 1948 National meet

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 24” x 15”

Half size printed Dolly plan on a sheet 24” x 16”

Three page article with building notes

Control Line Speed

Wingspan 18”

Engine Mc Coy .60


HERE is a clean, advanced, rugged job for the discriminating model builder. Stemming from a long line of contest-winners (each of the previous Gay Ladies held an official record at one time or another), this design can be relied upon for consistent performance. A magne­sium crutch and a bellcrank bracket called a "wishbone" are features of this design, which take it out of the beginner's class. However, it is a good basic design, and a more. simplified version could be made without too much trouble.

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