Full Size Printed Plans 1960 CONTROL LINE SPEED DEVIL Most successful F.A.I.


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Most successful F.A.I. specification speed design in Europe. Champion of Italy, fastest at the Criterium of Aces

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 27" x 15" 20ln bond

One page article Note: no building instructions



WINGSPAN 21 3/4”

By Ugo Rossi 

1960 "Devil" is quite a simple model to construct, and although based on the Super Tigre with the Rossi speed pan there is no reason why the main airframe cannot be adapted to take any other equipment, motor and mounting unit. The construction is typical of that used by all the leading Italian speed experts with a ply sandwich wing, balsa fuselage, ply cowl sides and separate intake for the front rotary valve on the Super Tigre.

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