Full Size Printed Plan 1953 Design Nostalgia events Free Flight Wingspan 40 Engine ½ A Raunchy


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only

Vintage 1953 Design


This 1/2A Free Flight Power model dates from more than 65 years ago. It was a proven performer then, just as it is today in Nostalgia events.

Full Size Printed Plan on a 48" x 24" sheet

Six page article of notes and photos

Free Flight

Wingspan 40

Engine ½ A

By George Perryman

Most experienced modelers will have no trouble building the Raunchy. To maintain a smooth, slightly undercambered wing and stab, put a strip 1/32 thick by1/4 in. wide under the forward part of the trailing edge. This will be removed when the wing is taken up from the work table. The entire wing and stabilizer construction process is straightforward and easy. I've been using polyhedral tails and thermal hooks since the early Forties.

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