Full Size Printed Plan 1957 Free flight Wingspan 37" 1/2A "SWAT" no difficulties should arise in the construction.


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only


Full size Printed Plan on a 44” x 32” SHEET

Three Pages of building notes and photos

Free flight

Wingspan 37"

Engine .049 to .051.


 I am sure that building the Swat will be a quick pleasure, and flying it will prove rewarding.

  Even if this is your first competition free flight model, no difficulties should arise in the construction. An aluminum template of the wing and stab rib is well worth the time it takes to cut it out and will allow the ribs to be sharply cut and evenly notched. After the ribs have been cut from soft sheet, the right wing half can be built backwards on the plan, since spar locations are already into the ribs.

Thank you for looking

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