Full Size Printed Plan 1957 W/S 56” Engine .15 to .23 "SEEK" high performance contest gassies


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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If you are seeking a high performance contest gassies this is the ship

The model is easy to build has consistent flying characteristics and boast. an outstanding contest record.

Full Size Printed Plan on a 52" x 30" sheet

Five page article of notes and photos

Wingspan 56”

Engine .15 to .23

Dan Sobala

Since the design was developed in 1953, the "Seek" has proven itself a consistent winning craft. It has soared away on warm still air and it has also won in windy cold air. This has been possible largely because the ship is conventional .and reliable. Beginners will find this a model that they can build and fly successfully.

 The climb of this model is much better than that achieved with many high lifting under cambered wing sections. Combined with the retracting gear, this setup makes for clean lines which add to the performance. Flown to the right under power and to the right in the glide this ship can be adjusted to provide a dip less transition. We have had consistent early morning and late evening flights of four minutes 'plus on 15 second engine runs This points up the successful combination of climb, recovery and glide which can be achieved.

 Adjustment with engines of .15 to .23 has been relatively easy because of the rigging angles. Note that the wing and stabilizer are set to provide built-in down thrust. This also cleans up the glide pattern for the fuselage is more closely aligned to the glide angle providing' for less drag.


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