Full size printed plan from 1960 Freeflight BEATNICK W/S 66" construction is very simple


Not a Kit or Model

Listing is for Full size printed plan

Vintage plan from 1960

The construction is very simple enabling building time to be a nominal 20 hours


Full size plan on a Sheet 70” x 24”

Two Pages of notes and photos

Wingspan 66”

Engine .19 to .21


THIS is the sixth development in a particular series, the main improvements over earlier versions being structural, and an increase of tailplane chord.

The most potent 3.5 c.c. engine will not prove too powerful for it and the ideal is probably a " 19 " glowplug motor, by using which the flying weight can be taken down to 14 Oz. The original Beatnik weighed 16 1/2 oz. with a modified Oliver, and using over-hard balsa all round. The only hard balsa needed is that used for the fuselage longerons.

The plan contains ample information for an average person to complete Beatnik, the following general constructional notes will prove of interest.

Thank you for your interest

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