Full Size Printed Plan RUBBER MODEL A TAILLESS P-30 'SWALLOW P-30' take less time to build


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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Full size Printed Plan on a 36” x 24” SHEET

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An improved version of the model that won the Open P-30 event at the 1984 Nats, the Swallow is an unusual but effective tailless model. A unique dethermalizer setup helps get it down.

 The Swallow is a tailless P-30 class rubber-powered model which is the latest in a long series of tailless models built and flown by the author. It is a direct evolution of the Cyrano II flying plank which won Open P-30 at the 1984 Reno NATS. The Swallow is a distinct improvement over the Cyrano II in both appearance and performance. It incorporates improvements in planform and airfoil evolved in the past two years, building on the experience gained with the Cyrano. The unusual planform makes it slightly more complicated to build than the constant chord Cyrano, but, due to the lack of tail surfaces, a Swallow will still take less time to build than a conventional P-30 model.

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