Full Size Printed Plan vintage 1955 Free Flight THE Y-BAR Wingspan 40” Engine .09 contest design


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only


Easy to build, high performance  for .09 (1·5 c.c.)

FULL SIZE Printed Plan on a 36” x 26” SHEET

Two Pages of building notes and photos

Free Flight

Wingspan 40”

Engine .09


The Y-Bar is a successor to the T'-Bar, Buzz-Bar, and the eminent American expert Ray Mathew's design the Fu-Bar. Tony Brooks has given this particular model a very suitable name for the symbol y as used in mathematics, usually designates height-one of the characteristics to be expected of this model.

First one built was powered by an Arden '099, glow-plugged, and proved to be very satisfactory so a new one was made for an Elfin 1 ,49. This also proved "hot" by placing 5th in the Keil trophy, and 1st at the All Britain Rally 1954. The only
features which may be unusual for a contest model are the fiat bottomed wing section and the rear mounted fin, though these are by no means new features, each contributing to the stability of the design.

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