Full Size Printed Plan vintage 1958 Free Flight Wingspan 35” Engine .049 "Tenderfoot" wonderful trainer. You can build it.


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only


From 1958

Designer of America's most popular contest free-flight model-the Ramrod, presents a wonderful trainer. You can build it.

Full Size Plans Printed on a 36” x 20” Sheet

Four page article of building note and photos

Free Flight

Wingspan 35”

Engine .049

by Ron ST. Jean

   This model is the result of having a ten year old daughter, Sheryle, who wanted to build a model airplane. Anxious to have more than one modeler in, the family, I hurried to the nearest model shop to purchase a kit designed specifically for the beginner. The results, however, were disappointing. The wood in the kit was so thin that it was difficult to handle and broke easily. Sheryle soon gave it up and went back to her dolls!

    So the Tenderfoot was born. It was designed to be as simple to build as possible, to be rugged enough to withstand severe wind-ins, yet stable enough to insure the aforementioned phenomena occurs as seldom as possible! All of these goals have been achieved in the design, and it is highly recommended to anyone who wishes to get started in free-flight gas, with as few initial disappointments as possible. So if you fall in this category, put away those stamp books

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