Full size printed plans Wingspan 13 3/4" Super Fike


Full size printed plans No material

Super Fike

Full size printed plan on a sheet 22” x 15”

Six page article with building notes and photos

Wingspan 13 3/4"

Power Rubber

By Jim Longstreth

Building the Super Fike

There are two features on the Super Fike which differ some from a more traditional high wing monoplane. These features are the nose of the fuselage and the main wing. There is some sheet wood covering on the nose, and the main wing overhangs the cabin area. The fuselage is a somewhat elongated slender shape and the wing a "barn door" type which only joins the fuselage from the spar aft. Forward of the spar there is an angling out of the rib to open visibility in the cockpit. Some of the peculiarities of this will be covered in the section dealing with the main wing. Otherwise the Super Fike is a pretty traditional piece of construction.

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