listing is for Full Size Plan Vintage 1981 ½ A Contest FF BUBBA CLEM Easily built and trimmed


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This listing is for Full Size Plans

Vintage plan 1981


Easily built and trimmed

Full size printed plan on a sheet 33” x 24”

Three page article with building notes and photos


WINGSPAN: 41 inches

WING AREA: 234 square inches

WEIGHT: 6 to 7 ounces

Designed by Jim Clem

Text & photos by Larry Kruse

As Jim Clem fans know, Jim's designs have run the gamut of design parameters from the high-thrust "Witch Doctor" of the late Sixties, to the lightly loaded "Okie Bird" of the mid-Seventies, to the '79 reigning Nats champion, the "Witch Hawk." In each design, however, two traits have been in evidence-s-ease of construction and reliability of performance. So it is in the case of Jim's newest ship, the "Bubba Clem." Departing from conventional planforms or combinations thereof,

Jim elected to use a straight dihedral, a semi-high thrust line, and wing "tiplets" on this ship. The result is an interesting- looking departure from contemporary airplanes that retains the contest-winning capabilities of "Bubba's" ancestors. Although unconventional in appearance, the ship has terrific contest potential. At 234 square inches, it falls into the "scalded owl" category as far as climb is concerned, yet it’s fairly high aspect-ratio produces excellent flight times, even without thermal help. Easily built and trimmed, "Bubba" employs balanced forces, needing no wash-in or wash-out in the wing panels, and only a small amount of rudder tab to get it to groove into its left-hand power pattern.

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