Full Size Printed Plan beginners' ducted fan model Engine .049 STARSTREAM


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only


Full size printed plans on a sheet 30" x 20" 20 lb bond

Four Page Article with building notes and photos

Wingspan 30 ½”

Engine .049


Ducted Fun! Ray Malmstrom's prop-in-a-box sportster

Described and drawn by John McIntyre

STARSTREAM IS a beginners' ducted fan model; well, not really a ducted fan, more an engine churning air around inside a box with holes in it. Some of the air leaks out and pushes the plane along.

This abysmal inefficiency yields a docile aircraft. Engine thrustline is irrelevant Starstream has continued to fly with 3( degrees left side thrust and 15 degree( downthrust caused when one of the engine mounting bolts came undone, though i. made a noise like a dying spin dryer as the prop chewed its way through the fuselage...

The original model is powered by a CO3 TD010, but a second has now been built powered by a Pee Wee .020 with three bladed prop. This version flies just as well so as the Pee Wee is still readily available (unlike the lamented .010) we have shown this motor on the plan.

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