Full Size Printed Plan Competition Jetex aircraft "SCORCHER"Jetex 150 with Augmenter Tube or Ducted Fan


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only


Competition Jetex aircraft are another ball of wax. A bit of insight here into the finer points. Easy on the wallet

FULL SIZE Printed Plan on a 36” x 24” SHEET

Three Pages of building notes and photos

Free Flight

Wingspan 30”

Jetex 150 with Augmenter Tube

May be modified for Ducted Fan

by Stan Chilton

   A lot can happen during 10 seconds. Particularly in Jetex competition For one thing, you can light the motor fuse and watch the spark residue catch your plane on fire. Or you can listen for your engine to explode with a loud "pffft!" as you place it next to your ear, ready to launch. Or you can light the fuse and wait for the hissing sound of a good motor run‑and wait for the sound of a good motor run‑and wait for the sound ...Another possibility does exist. With a little luck and exactly the right conditions, your ship can go up in a gently arcing pattern and flatten out into a floating glide. It does happen. Really.

   Design trends in the past few years have centered around "big un's" or "little un's," either small quick ships good for powering to unbelievable heights, or large floaters which accept the engine's foibles and attempt to maximize glide potential witness such successful designs as Ned Smith's "Sunduster," Don Chancey's "Canned Heat" and Chuck Markos "Firefly."


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