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SAAB Draken 210

Thousands saw this high‑climbing craft perform at the Los Alamitos championships! Its real take offs ­unassisted and from standing start drew cheers from all

FULL SIZE Printed Plan on a 36” x 45” SHEET

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There's Nothing Mysterious About Ducted Fan Models!

Free Flight Scale Plane

Wingspan 26 3/4”

Engine .049 Ducted Fan


   After studying the various articles on ducted fan propulsion and finding little useful information for converting to individual use, we decided to set up a series of experiments that would show us exactly how to go about designing a practical system.

 The first step was to decide on the general type of ducted fan propulsion to use ‑the wing root intake system or the straight‑through system. Since most present ­day jet aircraft have wing root intakes, we decided to develop a system that utilized these intakes. This would enable us to keep the nose of the model free for radio control equipment on a larger model. This system could also be used for U ­control scale or Navy Carrier Event models or Half‑A free‑flight scale craft.

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