Full Size Printed Plan Scale-Semi 1:24 Martin's Matador TM-61B Jetex 150 to 600 or Convert to Ducted Fan


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only

Martin's Matador TM-61B

Full size printed plan on a 28” x 22” sheet

One illustration on 11”x 17” sheet

Four Pages of notes and photos

Scale-Semi 1:24

Length 20”                

 Wingspan 20”

Jetex 150 to 600


Convert to Electric or Gas Ducted Fan


Martin's Matador TM-61B is one of our first line of defense tactical missiles. Its configuration is well suited to model work.

   While not a high speed-high altitude copy, the young modeler can have a missile that will fly. Seeing many fail time and again with more difficult "missile" projects, this job should restore confidence among failure-ridden "Missileers."

   Cost of the model, excluding paint and power accessories, is about one dollar. The power plant is a Jetex 600. If lighter materials are used, the less expensive Jetex 150 unit should do. While constructing the two models involved in this project, I wondered about the possibilities of the Cox Pee Wee .020 as a ducted fan. (This might be an interesting project for the more experienced.)

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