Full Size Printed Plan Semi-Scale 1:20 Convair XF‑92A Jetex 150, 200 & 350 or convert to Ducted Fan


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material, Plans only

Convair XF‑92A

Full size printed plan on a Sheet 36” x 36”

Four Pages of notes and photos

Semi-Scale 1:20

Wingspan 20 in.

Jetex  150, 200 and 350

You may convert to Ducted Fan


Conventional wings and tail give way to the 60* swept back triangular shape wing in the Air Force's high‑speed jet research plane. The sharp‑angle leading edge knifes through the air and this enables the craft to easily pass through the sonic barrier. The Convair XF‑92A is the winner of the Air Force competition and will be our first production model delta wing fighter. Our 20 in. span flying model can be flown free‑flight with a Jetex 200 or 150 solid fuel engine as shown here on U‑control with a Jetex 350 unit.


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