Full Size Printed Plan Semi- Scale 1:24 twin Cox .020 ducted fan fun! Gloster Javelin


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only

Gloster Javelin

Follow Chris Golds' 57 steps to twin Cox .020 ducted fan fun!

Full size Printed Plan on a 32”x 24” SHEET

Six Pages of building notes and photos

Semi- Scale 1:24

25” Wingspan

Engines Two.020

2 Function Radio

By Chris Gold

  1. HWC - Hot Wire Cut (Mine is 10 year old MFA 39 inch and still on the original wire!)
  2. Foam Block - Blue foam approx 4 inches thick for loft insulation from builders merchants. White foam, usually 2 inches thick, very much softer and lighter than blue. Ask for damaged panels - they are usually much cheaper than sound ones.
  3. Cut Block - foam marked out and HWC (or sawn and sanded) to exact size ready for pattern cut-work.
  4. Epoxy - 5 min. variety and used very thinly: keep the bottles hot on radiators and they will mix easier ,spread thinner & cure quicker.
  5. PVA - ordinary Evo-stick Resin W type, water based wood glue.
  6. Paste - 65% PVA, 35% tap water plus some red food dye (to show you where you have covered and how thickly.)
  7. Balsa - that strange, soft light wood from South America - someone gave me some once! KEEP IT SOFT whatever thickness.


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