Full Size Printed Plan Semi-Scale 1:8 & 1:16 Heinkel 162 Jetex 150 , 50 or convert to Ducted Fan n


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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Reproduced Vintage Plan

Heinkel 162          

Full size printed plan on a Sheet 18” x 24”

Four Pages of notes and photos

Semi-Scale 1:8

Wingspan 34”

Jetex 150

You may convert to Ducted Fan

Full size printed plan for Jetex 50 on a 11" x17" sheet

Wingspan 17"

The He 162 was a single-seat fighter of unique design, most identifiable for having the powerplant sitting atop the fuselage, negating the need for any complex internal intake and exhaust systems running the length of the fuselage. The tail was ingeniously split in a "T" format and the wings were mounted high on the fuselage body with edges folded down at aerodynamic degrees. A powered tricycle landing gear, a large glass canopy and even an ejection seat rounded out the list of notable features

The Heinkel 162 plans illustrated on these pages are full size for the "50», which is the smallest jet engine available. If the plans were doubled in size, the "150" would fit perfectly. Lightness cannot be overemphasized; therefore, keep your model's weight down to one-half ounce. 


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