Full Size Printed Plan Semi Scale Jetex Fighter Little Augie JETEX 150 or convert to Ducted Fan


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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Little Augie

Jetex 150 with its augmenter tube provides the perfect power for realistic jet fighter models

Full size printed plan on a Sheet 30” x 24”

Two Pages of notes and photos

Semi Scale Jetex Fighter



You may convert to Ducted Fan

By FRANK EHLING                                             

   With the Jetex 150 and the augmenter tube, true‑to‑life jet models are now possible. Any weight that the tube adds is overcome with the extra thrust it gives. And here we can utilize a type of construction where the tube forms the backbone of the fuselage. We use a generous amount of wing area so the model will fly slowly and look quite realistic.

   The weight of the original was nine ounces, yet the duration was around 30 seconds; if the weight is lowered even longer flights will result. The weight came in the form of white‑pigmented dope which added three ounces, plus the fact that we used heavy wood in the construction.


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