Full Size Printed Plan Vintage 1962 Rocket powered Dyna-Soar USAF Space Glider ...



Listing is for Printed Plan and Article

Article and Plan From 1962

Rocket powered


A working miniature of Americas manned USAF Space Glider ...

Full size printed plan on a sheet 30” x 24”

Four page article with building notes,material list and photos

One exploded view 11” x 17”

Free Flight

Wingspan 14”

Power Jetex 150


Convert to rocket or 30mm ducted fan

Designed and tested by Paul Del Glltto

   Deltas like Dyna-Soar long ago demonstrated their performance and stability capabilities. The Jetex Pay- Loader "150" rocket motor with its augrnenter tube provides plenty of push and the craft presents no adjustments problems.

    Your Dyna-Soar, built as a unit, is practically complete before lifting it from the workbench. Only the fins, part of the eleyons and the landing skid remain to be added.

   Dyna-Soar, the manned space glider, is an incredible flying machine. Compared with this Mach 25 terror, even the famous X-15 is a toy. Boosted aloft by a Martin Titan, it will combine the high speed of the ballistic missile with controlled, accurate flight of manned aircraft. Dyna-Soar's pilot will shorten or lengthen its range by thousands of miles, changing course to reach a landing site.

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