Full Size Printed Plan build 1:12 Scale cabin cruiser "FAIREY MARINE SWORDSMAN" for radio control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


Full size printed plan on a sheet 54” x 34”

Six page article with building notes

Scale 1:12 (1” = 1ft)



BEAM 11.5”

POWER Electric or Gas .15 to .61


The latest design is the Fairey Marine Swordsman, which at 33 ft. is the largest boat in their range. Basically this is a larger version of the Huntsman, the main differences being in the hull shape which has a deeper vee and the alternative layout for four or six people. In the four berth version the cockpit extends right back to the transom in which there is a door for ease of entry.

The plan depicts the six berth version, this having one big advantage as far as a model is concerned. The extra room at the stern is such that a 4 in. high accumulator or any amount of radio control equipment may be accommodated. The beauty of the lines speaks for itself, and further inspiration, as if it were necessary, was obtained from the full size vessel in the four berth form at this year's Boat Show.

A great variety of motors could be fitted either electric or i.c. Reasonable limits of capacity for diesel or glow plug power are 2 1/2 c.c. and 10 c.c., and the Mk. II Taplin Twin is being fitted in the prototype. This should produce a speed, into double figures, although it must be emphasized that the design is not ideal for absolute top speed so much as smooth running in choppy water. The length of 33 in. may suggest a small size, but the beam of 11.4 in. and the static draught of 21/2 in. offset this very greatly. With no attempt at light weight, the prototype requires 71/2 lb. of ballast to push it down


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