Full Size Printed Plan semi‑scale 1/32 "Virgin ATLANTIC CHALLENER" for Radio Control


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Full Scale printed plans on a sheet 32” x 24”
Three Page article with building notes

Semi-Scale 1/32
Length 24.8 in.
Beam 8 in.
Weight 3 ¾ lb.
Engine 2 electric motors
Speed 9 mph
for Radio Control
By Ernst‑Bernd Bahn

   She is drawn at 1/32 scale or rather semi‑scale as I only had some photographs and a side view from an Italian boat magazine. The technical details of my model are: length overall 63cm; beam 20.5cm; two Mabuchi RS380 motors; maximum speed of 15kph at a weight of 1.7kg and from 9.6V1.2ah cells.

   The model is constructed mainly from balsa, ply and styrene; the mast is from bass tube and the superstructure is from clear ABS as I am basically a lazy person at heart. The trick is to mask the windows with film, paint and remove the film leaving the windows of course. ,"She is pretty fast on calm water and ‑‑ ‑able of taking the rough up to 30 cm high waves 


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