Full Size printed plans to build a simple 24in. all-balsa motor yacht for radio control. Veleta


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


A simple 24in. all-balsa motor yacht for radio control.

Full Size Plan printed on a sheet 33" x 25" 20lb bond

Six page article with building notes and photos

Length 24"

Beam 6 1/4"

Power electric

Suitable for radio control

By Vic Smeed

   To start with, then, a block of hard balsa (or obeche or similar wood) 2 x 21/2 x 3 ins. is needed. Trace on this the "back view" of the bow block and saw straight through. Mark on the resulting tapered block the profile and saw again. Now mark the top and bottom "triangles" and a centre line down the front face, and carefully saw to shape. Sand to a reasonable finish, then mark on the 1/8 in. rebates to receive the side planks. Cut or chisel these, then carefully compare the block with the drawing.

  Cut the two side panels from medium1/8 in. balsa, mark on the inside of each the bulkhead positions, and double cement the bow joints

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