Full Size Printed Plans SCALE 1 1/2”= 1’ Fairey Marine HUNTSMAN 31 L 42" Suitable for Radio Control


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Fairey Marine HUNTSMAN 31

FULL SIZE PRINTED PLAN ON TWO SHEETS 48” x 30” and 48” x 24”

Six Page article Includes

Some thoughts on R /C steering boats, and some Construction notes

SCALE 1 1/2”= 1’     

LENGTH 42 INCH      


Suitable for Radio Control

By Vic Smeed

IT should perhaps be made clear from the outset that the Huntsman is not a boat for the absolute beginner; because of its hull shape it is only suitable for planked construction and the large well makes for certain difficulties in model size. On the full size boat there is no well side below the cabin side lower edge. but since we cannot use quite the same method of construction we have introduced a sheet of ply along each side of the well to hide part of the structure. Similarly the transom is not easy to reproduce with a scale appearance. However, the builder with a little experience will have no difficulty in producing a handsome model.

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