Full size printed plan A/1 Nordic glider W/s 56" The "GOB" all-balsa construction


Full size printed plan and article

No material Plan only


A/1 Nordic glider

Full size printed plan on a 40” x 18” sheet

Six page article with building notes

Wingspan 56”

By Mel Allan

   Warped wings spell defeat when you're up against Nordic competition. If you're in the mood for a fine A/1 machine, try this all-sheet ship. Jedelsky type construction for tried and true panels. It soars in the lightest lift.

   Once learned, all-balsa construction methods are easier and require less building time. Also, all-balsa models are less drain on the budget and they are remarkable warp-resistant. No matter how loyal you are to spars, silk or Jap tissue, if efficiency is desired, then this method should be appealing. One thing is for certain, all-balsa models have been winning their share of contest, especially in Europe.

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