Full Size Printed Peanut Scale Plans Facetmobile Ready to try something a little out of the ordinary


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Ready to try something a little out of the ordinary? This Peanut Scale model of a homebuilt lifting body is guaranteed to turn heads and is a great flier to boot

One Full size Printed plan on an 11” x 17” sheet

Three Pages of notes and photos

Peanut Scale

Wingspan 10”

Power Rubber


The full-size Facetmobile is a most unusual aircraft. It was designed and built by Barnaby and Lynne Wainfan of Long Beach, California, a husband-and-wife aeronautical engineering team that has long enjoyed flying wing concepts in model form. In 1989 they decided to build their own full-size single-place lifting body light airplane; the first flight took place in April of 1993. The unusual craft, dubbed "Facetmobile," has an all-metal structure and is fabric covered. For simplicity, they designed it with no curves or bends in the structure-every-thing is straight lines. Power comes from a 50-horsepower Rotax 503DC two-stroke engine. The Facetmobile proved to be a fine performer and was even flown to the 1994 EAA Fly-In at Oshkosh,

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