Full Size Printed Plan Control Line Class B Speed HELL RAZOR won Senior D speed Wingspan 18 Engine Dooling .29


Full Size Printed Plan            

Not a Kit or Material


HAVE you been searching for a class d speed model that is easy to build safe to fly durable and fast if so Hell Razor is your ship!

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 24” x 22”

Four page article with building notes

Control Line Speed

Wingspan 18

Engine Dooling .29

Class B speed


This ship won Senior D speed at the Plymouth Meet with 142 mph, and has since topped this to fly 159.23 mph for an Official AMA record

Fourteen months of designing and testing went into this model. The original was built of balsa using 3/8" birch ply- wood motor mounts. It weighed 26 oz. and the top speed was 133 mph. The second model was built using a pine bottom with a magnesium crutch. This job weighed .28 oz. and' top' speed was 142 mgh the latest model the one used in setting the Senior Class D record has a magnesium alloy  bottom a pine wing and top shell. On the find toot the speed increased to 148 mph and the ship weighed 32 oz. At the Plymouth International Meet this summer the speed dropped back to 142 mph. This drop was due to the difference in the humidity and altitude which worked against our regular fuel mixture. Two weeks after the Plymouth Meet, at Trenton N.J., the Hell Rams really turned in a fine performance by selling a record of 159.23 mph.

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