Full Size Printed Plan Vintage 1980 Control Line Stunt “AQUILA” Aquila is a fairly conventional design


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Vintage 1980


Full Size Printed Plan on a Sheet 48" x 33"

Seven page article with building notes and photos

Control Line Stunt

Wingspan 56"

Engine .40


This I-beam construction stunter helped author Bob McDonald take Rookie of the Year honors at the 1979 Nationals.

Aquila is a fairly conventional design, but it does have two features which merit special attention.

The first of these features of course, is the I-beam type wing, which takes some explanation and necessitates a couple of special building techniques. The second feature is my "trick" control system.                           

Control system                           

First, let's look at the adjustable control system, how it is built and how it works. The elevators are driven by a pushrod which is connected directly to the bellcrank, and the flaps are connected to a sliding adjustable block held on the main pushrod with setscrews. You will note that each flap has a separate horn and pivoting "ear" from each of which runs a short pushrod which passes through holes in the adjusting block and is secured with set screws.Since right now I can't claim the distinction of being one of the top "name" fliers, perhaps I should start this by introducing myself, telling you a bit about what I have accomplished in model flying, and how I came to develop Aquila.

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