Full Size Printed Plans Scale 1” – 1' Control Line Wingspan 54" TWIN .35 Messerschmitt BF 11O D Zerstorer



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BF 11O D Zerstorer

The Messerschrnitt 110 ace of the German Luftwaffe, Hans Joachim Jabs, was a success in a plane gener­ally labeled a failure. In his hands the "zerstorer" (strategic fighter) became a great weapon. Here are scale drawings prepared

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 43” x 28”

Four page article with some building notes

Control Line

Scale 1” – 1 foot

Wingspan 54 inches

TWIN Engine .35

by Waiter A. Musciano

 This spectacular 54 inch span control line copy of the world's first strategic fighter should excite every scale en­thusiast. Built as detailed, our Messerschmitt will make an easy-to-handle Sunday flyer which will be the envy of everyone at the flying field. When an imaginative builder adds flaps, retractable landing gear, full cockpit, hinged canopy, opening gun hatch, and scale color scheme he is bound to walk away with the hardware at any contest. The abundant wing area can .amply support plenty of points­garnering equipment; the! long tail moment ann reduces the sensitivity of the controls.

  Our model duplicates the Bf-110D Zerstorer (destroyer) of II/ZG76 as flown by Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel) Hans-Joachim Jabs who shot down fifty Allied aircraft dur­ing World War Two. Among these were a dozen Spitfires and four Hurricanes. At one time he fought eight Spitfires with his twin engine fighter and shot down two of the speedy British fighters. Jabs served in the battles of Poland, France and Britain as well as at the invasion of Crete and in Norway. He became the Kommodore of NJG-I in 1944.

 Messerschmitt's Bf-110 series was developed in an attempt to satisfy Hermann Goering's dream of elite combat units with hand-picked pilots flying long range, fast, maneuver­able fighter planes with tremendous fire power. The Zer­storers performed well in the Polish and French campaigns, but' generally were outclassed by the agile and speedy Spit­fire. The Bf-110 'served in a variety of roles during its six years of warfare including bomber escort, ground support, reconnaissance, bomber intercepting, glider towing and night fighting. The Bf-110 D-3 described here was equipped to carry drop tanks under its wings which more than doubled its radius of action. It was also fitted with a streamline bomb rack under the fuselage for two 550 or two 1100 pound bombs. Four machine guns and two cannon fired forward through the nose while a single machine gun protected the rear. Two 1100 horsepower Daimler-Benz 601A twelve cylinder engines gave a maximum 349 miles per hour. at 22,965 feet. Normal range was 565 miles

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