Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1/150 18000 ton Shell oil tanker "STS Dilysia" Suitable for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

STS Dilysia

a "typical" type of tanker that is easy for the moderate modeler

18000ton Shell oil tanker

Full Size printed plans on a sheet 40" x 32"

Four page article with building notes and Photos

Scale 1/150th

Length 37"

Beam 4 3/4"

Power electric

Suitable for Radio Control

by Vic Smeed

   With the cooperation of the Shell Petroleum Company we have been able to draw up a typical 18,000 ton tanker, and offer this not as an authentic scale drawing of any one ship, but as a representative Model of an average tanker. In fact, the drawings are close to scale, but in order to satisfy our more ardent scale enthusiasts we have elected to invent a name for the vessel; hence S.T.S. Dilysia, which is drawn from available information on the Royal Dutch Shell Group ship Katelysia.

   The hull itself requires very little comment: being of constant section for much of its length the obvious method of construction is a bread-and-butter bow and stern with a planked or boxed mid-section. The drawing shows all necessary details. Care has been taken to provide an adequate keel and fairly heavy inwales, so that the model can be handled without fear of opening the planking.

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